Sick and without documents?

Sick and without documents?

Medinetz Dresden mediates medical treatment for refugees and migrants without legal status anonymously and free.

Medinetz is a human rights initiative thats objective is to provide refugees and migrants without documents and health insurance with access to health care. In our opinion, the access to medical treatment in case of illness is a human right. As long as the government does not bring this right into action, Medinetz Dresden will provide help for people in need of medical treatment.

We are a network of students, doctors, psychologists, dentists and midwives. Being established in 2005, Medinetz Dresden e.V. is a growing initiative. We support covering expenses for diagnostics, medication, births and hospital admissions under the help of donations.


Weekly consultation is held by at least one student member of Medinetz Dresden e.V. Depending on the particular medical condition, we will arrange appointments with a medical specialist who is most suitable to help you and who cooperates with us.

There is no need to attend consultation personally as arrangements can also be made by telephone.

Regardless of the way you choose, we grant anonymity and confidentiality.

Consultation Hours

first Wednesday of the month, 6pm-8pm

Phone No. 0177-173 67 81


Flüchtlingsrat Dresden, Dammweg 4

Public Transportation Services

Tram No. 7, 8, Stop “Louisenstraße”